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When we think of the north east of India, we think of tourist spaces, the weather, the foliage, flora fauna, wildlife, peace, miles and miles of stretch of space that brings about a feeling of sublime, the traditional variety, the multitudes of tribes and cultures along with their traditional aspects that are unique to each tribe, the languages, the humble people, basically rare untouched beauty and peace. The products that people bring back as souvenirs are limited to but a few products that are extremely beautiful but are treated like a sting to showcase. It can safely be assumed that some of these souvenirs are not very functional in terms of utility in everyday life.

Why north east needs to make a move to enter the markets

A thing of beauty lives forever and it is true that it does… but the glorification of the northeast as a region that is beautiful has checked a large part of the northeast potential when it comes to products that are sold in the mainstream market. It is a rare sight to see top northeastern brands doing well in the markets. For example you may find an MDH masala in departmental stores all across India in every state, but have you ever seen the Saucy Joe’s Naga Spice blend which is a unique blend of rare herbs and spices from Nagaland in a store in India (apart from high end departmental stores in major cities?). Even in those spaces it is rare to find these high quality products that come out of the north east.

The flipside of northeast that has been ignored for far too long

North east is a land that has been blessed with nature’s miracles and secrets. The land and the soil are so fertile that they are capable of growing the best turmeric in the world, or the best ginger in the world. Even the best quality raw unprocessed honey comes from the lush jungles and tropical forests of the north east. Some of the most high quality spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables grow in this region. This graceful yield has fed the people of the north east since centuries and now we have enough produce to share all this goodness with the rest of the world. Due to the rich soil that is packed with minerals and medicinal properties, everything that grows in this region boasts of superior quality, taste and nutrition content.

With all this at hand, why are we still notable to reach the mainstream market with our products? Of the many reasons behind this issue is the main reason of lack of awareness and space for our products. At NE Origins (north east origins) this gap and divide is what we aim to bridge. Make space for superior quality products in the market and help the rest of the world connect with the northeast giving it its deserved space and value for the kind of produce that comes out of the region.

How NE Origins comes into the picture

At NE Origins we showcase and encourage only the best brands of the region and their products that have lived through generations in the homes of the people. These brands do not only have the best quality products, but also have the best production facilities in the region. These factors have added to the trust that the brands have earned through decades.

The excellent products that come from the North East India

I am sure everyone has tried the tea that comes from the region. Almost 50 percent of the entire tea produce of the country comes from the north east regions. The Darjeeling tea that is internationally acclaimed is what it is due to the perfect Himalayan soil where it is grown. The Lakadong turmeric of Megahlaya is coveted turmeric strain that grows out of the north east. It has 4 % percent more curcumin content than any other turmeric growing in the country. The Bhut Jholokia chili that comes from the states of Nagaland, Assam and Manipur is the hottest chili in the country (a country of spice lovers). Nagpur may be the highest producer or oranges but the sweetest plumpest oranges come from the Khasi hills of Meghalaya. There is a new craze for Naga cuisines in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc and the blend of spices that go into a Naga dish is readily available to people of the region in packets.

How would you like it if all this goodness was shared with you and your family? A change of palate and ingredients is a good change, especially if the ingredients come from the most fertile soils of the country.

What you find on the NE Origins Website

With the entire world going online where things like dairy products, meat products, fresh vegetables, plants, fruits and other such perishable items being sold on the internet, it was only due for us to make all the best products from the north east made available to the rest of the world online as well.

We have great quality peppers, seeds, perilla seeds, peppercorn, Lakadong turmeric, naturally infused teas, rare spice blends from different north east states, pickles both vegetable and meat, first hand teas, artisanal soaps made from natural herbs, everyday spices, juices, pure and rare honey varieties in all forms, fermented foods that are slowly growing famous, snacks, traditional and unique candies, superior quality bamboo products, home décor, organic candles and organic foods, all made available to you through a single click on the internet.

The greater good in supporting NE Origins

The greater scene that comes out of this initiative is that you not only support small businesses of the country, but at the same time you are helping the wandering north east Indian puzzle piece and clue it to the mainland India, making the country a whole new connected and enhanced. In return you get to enjoy some of the most precious products that come out of the region.

In this way we can progress into the market collectively and be more connected as people of the same country. It is important as conscious citizens of the country to make progressive decisions and support things that benefit the entire population. We heartily encourage people to visit the NE Origins website and try these products that are made originally and organically in the north east of India.

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