Lakadong Turmeric: Why it’s the best choice for your family?

When I was younger, I’d go out to play and get all bruised as I returned home. With the initial scolding, my mother would draw her special “hardi ko lep” which was basically tulsi water and turmeric beaten into a thick paste, and this would be applied over the wounds externally.

She’d then start to cook dinner with Appa helping her with either rice or Dal and we’d all sit together to have a hearty meal together. Later, right before I went to sleep she’d brew a warm concoction of what looked like yellow milk to me. She’d make this brew for the next three days until the wound started to heal itself. Now that I realise it all, that was not yellow milk, rather golden milk. Drinking that milk would really put me into a deep sleep, and I’d be feeling all warm inside.

I have seen my parents use turmeric to cook food every single day of their lives ever since I could make a sense of what happened around me. This makes turmeric an essential spice to cook food in.

Ever-so-often I wonder is it absolutely necessary to add turmeric to everything? Then I remember my mother speaking in her soft sweet voice, “it’s not just turmeric it’s a medicinal spice which makes the food nutritious and healthy and gets rid of all the impurities in the food”.

There is a certain kind of turmeric that is the king of all kinds of turmeric grown all over the world and it grows right here in India, in the North East, in a Region called Lakadong in the Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya. The climate on this hill is very tropical and pleasant all year round. The hill observes heavy monsoon from the southwest winds from the months of June all the way till the end of September and sometimes also enters the first week of October. The north east winds hit the hills and brings with it showers, all the way from October to December. The weather really helps with supplying nutrition to the turmeric that makes it the King of all turmeric.

Why LAKADONG Turmeric?

  1. The content of Curcumin:

Turmeric obtains the deep yellow pigment in it due to an element called the Curcumin. The larger the curumin content the more valuable the turmeric becomes. So why is Lakadong Turmeric so valuable? Well, where there is commercial turmeric that has around 4-5% curcumin content in them, Lakadong Turmeric has whopping 7-9% curcumin content making is all the more valuable.

  1. Organic cultivation:

The Lakadong turmeric is a grown using traditional Khasi wisdom of agriculture. It is grown out in the bright sun, with regular purifying rains and absolutely no use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. When the turmeric is unadulterated and still is the best turmeric out there in the market it sure makes for something wholesome as a product that is used in everyday lives.

  1. Health Benefits:


The Lakadong Turmeric is known to have a wide range of great health benefits due to traits like being an anti-inflammatory, containing antioxidants, is known to curb the growth of tumour, and is anti-bacterial and antiviral. Due to its curcumin content the turmeric is known to have gathered a lot of attention among researchers everywhere who strive to study the turmeric for its effects on cancer.

  1. Unadulterated end product:

The Lakadong turmeric that you will find on the website,  undergoes rigorous quality tests to make sure that the product does not have any kind of adulterants, is free flowing and homogenous through and through. We take quality very seriously which is why we make sure each packet of Lakadong turmeric is well cleaned, processed and packaged in a way that attracts not even a minute complain from the customer, and you are satisfied with what you receive.

The Lakadong Turmeric is literally the best turmeric in the world due to its superiority over other varieties of turmeric in the world. The world may not have caught the deep value of this golden spice, but once they do they are sure to use only the Lakadong turmeric, and its value is going to sky-rocket. So grab a packet of your pure Lakadong Turmeric now from!

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