Lovely Baruah builds FitBird: a truly entrepreneurial enterprise

What do you think is the difference between an entrepreneur and a business person?

A business person is someone who takes an existing idea and sets up their business around the same idea. They are a market player so they tend to have plenty of competition. They have to work hard to make place for their business in the existing market. They take minimum risks and work with a typical procedure to conduct business in that field. Their focus remains in creating profit and hence their completion is extremely high.

On the other hand, an entrepreneur is an individual comes up with a unique idea to establish a new venture surrounding that very idea. They are a market leader because they create their own market they take comparatively high risks and their procedure of doing things is unconventional their focus remains on the collective growth of the customer, the public and their employees and since they create their own market, the competition they face is comparatively less.

Exploring Lovely’s Journey till FitBird happens

Today, let’s explore Lovely Baruah’s wonderful journey of starting up FitBird, an innovative and noble start-up that has helped many families with their livelihoods in the state of Tripura.

Women group associated with FitBird with their artwork ready to be shipped.

Lovely Baruah was initially working as an artist cum designer in the corporate sector for 12 years of her life. Nearly approaching a threshold in her life, she decided to move to Tripura in the year 2016. When her husband joined into his family business, lovely was expected to settle herself into a thoroughly domestic life, but she was not one to settle in that easily after all she had been independent for most of her life. She had started to look for alternative jobs to suit her potential and was unable to find one. At the same time she was relocating from place to place due to jobs and family matters which didn’t seem to reach a point of stability.

Lovely Baruah: the women herself.

FitBird germinates and how

This is when she decided that she would start off with something that was her own, her brain child; as she strongly believed that she needed to work and not stay idle (which would lead to stagnation and a waste of her time), something, she would never want for herself.

She wanted to start something in her own state and so she started putting herself out there in the field to discover the many strengths, skills and arts that her state was known for. She started identifying and skilled artisans with a lot of skill and less exposure which limited their diversification and marketing. She explored the remotest regions in the state and became intrigued by the rich handloom and handicrafts that the artists of the region produced.

Some intricately designed artwork by local artisans displayed in the value addition production unit.

Traditional artisans met with her, ones who were weavers, bamboo workers and handloom workers and there she identified with the issues that they faced, “traditional artists struggled to find a suitable market for their versatile products” the designer within her instantly recognized the scope of transforming traditional products with her contemporary designing so that the end product addresses a consumer’s needs; this is how Fitbird originated.

Today, lovely holds sole proprietorship of “FitBird” along with that she owns her own store at the handloom marketing complex behind metro bazaar in Agartala. She also watches over B2B marketing, and deals in bulk, online as well as international orders.

Because of her creative venture, she is able to employ, train and provide a livelihood to the traditional artisans, weavers and craftsmen. There are as of now about 200 people working closely with her in this venture. She works with 6 salaried staffs at her production house that serves the purpose of value addition. This is where they work on things like customization and refinement of design to produce a satisfactory output in terms of the looks of the products. They produce things like masks, garments, fashion bags, jewelery, home furnishings, bamboo products, tableware and gifting items.

Traditional artisans working on contemporary designs.

A woman artisan group working on a new design.

All her work has been an inspiration to and helpful to the women of the area who feel empowered and uplifted by this venture. She is also a huge support to the youths and the men in business who are able to access marketing support for their products through FitBird, which in turn helps them with a source of income to support their families.

Mobilization process: moving and approaching each artisans house/place in order to discuss design and orders.

In house training on artistic textile works.

Motivational and inspirational process tour: taken to an artisan’s place to inspire their old existing art to transform them into modern fashionable home furnishings associating with Fit Bird.

Lovely Baruah is a true example of an Entrepreneur because she has proved to be everything that is listed when one defines an entrepreneur and this is why she is a role model and a huge support to families working with her in the start-up. It is a ginormous task to forage into an orthodox/ traditional region where artists and women do not mingle. It is her success story of walking an unexpected path, touch/inspire lives and change them, while also earning the respect of being an outsider who has made Tripura her home and works to improve things for the people, one step at a time.

a group of women artisans working on traditional textile production.

We at NE Origins salute her courage, her mind power, her vision and her work as an entrepreneur, who thought very strategically and succeeded on her own terms in a world where we often look away from helping people, helping a society and then an entire community, to make a name for themselves solely through their art. Do check the website to find innovative and aesthetic products by FitBird.

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    Very inspiring and all my best wishes to you for your hard work and dedication. Sky is the limit. God bless Madam Lovely.👍👏👏👏👏

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