Police Bazar Meghalaya

Police bazaar is the main market of Meghalaya. The bazaar is also popularly known as Khyndailad; here you will be treated to everything from traditional to modern, to classic and chic, all styles find a home in this bazaar. However, the reason why Police Bazaar is widely visited is because the Bazaar tends to all classes of people and their needs. The bazaar is lively from morning to night. The eateries come alive primarily at night.
The scrumptious eateries sell all sorts of comfort foods and are a popular haunt for the locals and tourist all alike. The police bazaar is home to a large markets filled with vendors selling Meghalaya merchandise, regional apparel, junk jewelry, clothes, footwear, eatables, decorative and many other products. Like any other local market, the Police Bazaar is a heart of the City. It is at this place that people speak freely and from their heart. And a stroll in the local markets is essential to see the true nature of a certain place!