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More than an online marketing platform, NE Origins started off as an idea to unite the north-eastern states of India and showcase their unity to the rest of the world. A lack of representation has impacted the north-eastern image from a long time now. History has not been favourable to us and our diversities.

But we the people of the northeast know the worth of our resources and the magnitude of opportunities these resources hold. We have breathed the fresh crisp Himalayan air, taken a dip in the gushing Himalayan Rivers, and eaten the most organic fruits and vegetables and foods that are covered in the aromatic herbs and spices that the mother earth has willingly provided to us in bounteous quantities.

We have created our livelihoods around these aspects of nature and our aim has forever been to protect and preserve nature and trying to forge a sustainable living out of the resources provided by our lands.

The amount of tribes and cultures and traditions within the northeast are so many, and so little exploration has come to this side of the country. Even if the exploration has come to us, they have not been able to completely understand and propagate our beliefs. Hence all the relegated humour, literature and the overall representation has been all that represents the unity of our states.

But do not be mistaken as our lack of representation is not because of the inability to aggregate our resources to the world, but to preserve them and to use them sustainably.

Whether you are a stakeholder, an entrepreneur, a self employed person or a government employee join in any measure you can gather to help us in our endeavour to  make a strong impact, economically, psychologically or financially for the population.

With NE Origins we extend our hands to all the best North eastern businesses to join our platform that is solely of the north-east, for the nation and by the North east.  We provide you top-notch modes of promotions with best of the facilities we can muster to aggregate YOUR business. By this step, we believe that one day we can stand united in the face of the Nation.

Nim Tshering Pakhrin

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