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Let us all agree that the northeast of India has been an untapped territory in terms of its many resources, cultures, traditions, people, topography, geography and a bunch of potential, waiting to be discovered. But that is exactly what we plan to do at NE Origins, NO LONGER WAIT. We realized that all the apprehensiveness that is felt, when it comes to the northeast, particularly within the Mainland Indian perspective roots from us being closed up for so long and for the lack of interest from the latter,  to want to know more, or discover more, of what is lesser known within this large country.

Instead of waiting for people to come forward and discover our intrinsically intertwined cultures, traditions and unity, we at NE Origins, open the book for the people to come and experience. The NORTH EAST REGION is one of the richest parts of the country when it comes to nature, flora, fauna, sprawling landscapes, tribes, cultures and traditions. We are people who take pride in their land in our tribes, our ancestral stories, our food and all that has been given to us by nature, and since times immemorial the main focus has been preservation of these very values. But now it deemed to us that this might have been hindering with our image, and we may have been presenting it as being introverted or rough. And I assure you we are not. We are as much invested in the modern markets as any other region of the country.

The north east is home to more than 200 tribes, with their distinct languages, scriptures, cultures, traditions, attires, fooding habits and regions of existence. To think that amidst the immense dependence, we as people have on technology and modernization, there is a part of the country that has tapped sustainable living without a lot of that dependence. That technology is but an option for the means of surviving a content lifestyle. Maybe this is why the north east is big on Tourism. The region really helps people unwind and feel at peace and adrift from the rat race going on elsewhere.

To be honest we may feel a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) but also in a few years we will be right there in terms of technological advancements as any other state in the country.

One thing that may be very evident is that we like to move ahead in the right way, to complete processes we have started and have no loose ends left behind which helps with a more wholesome advancement, even though it may take time.

Even so, the northeast is rich in resources, which helps the states create really amazing, organic, high on aromatics, vivid, versatile, vibrant, uniquely technical and wholesome products that ranges from everything and anything one can find on a mainstream e-commerce site. These products are might I say, almost addictive once someone starts using them and understands the many flavor/aspect profiles.

Major brands within the north east along with small businesses, entrepreneurs, farmers and initiatives ; all contribute to a galore of exiting, sustainable and functional products that are but forbidden treasures waiting to be owned and tried.

So when we realized the impact these products may have when it develops a customer base, we thought it was about time, we had a marketplace that solely focuses on this mission. And so NE Origins was born at a time of the pandemic lock downs when most small businesses were hit. We were able to help many families get by during those times and now we are even more adamant at securing the mission with all the support and love we have received from all the businesses and entrepreneurs associated with us.

Now that the pandemic scenes have stabilized to quite an extent we are now on a roll to make this vision of ours a reality. Northeast is again an untapped territory and has many facets to be explored apart from just tourism. One of these facets are the products galore that are actually very functional in everyday use and we are here to showcase all these products that have the north east essence in them, the love, something from the cultures, techniques and traditions that can be bought and used every day.

We have to offer GI Tagged Teas, coffees, handicrafts, handlooms, skincare products, natural varieties of honey,  pickles, meat pickles, bamboo products, organic squashes, an assortment of spices, herbs, candles, infusion teas, infused honey jars, snacks and a lot of GI Tagged items; all of exclusive quality and exotic flavor profiles. These items are made from the highest quality ingredients that are handpicked from the most organic gardens of the region making it so valuable. Some of these products are high on medicinal value so if you are looking for products that have high nutritional value, what better than to buy produce that have been harvested from 100% organic gardens?

All the products you may find the website are authentically made and sourced from the 8 northeastern states. For someone who may be intrigued about the north east and our community, can visit the site and purchase some of these products and in that way support our vision and mission. If we are to make it, we need all the support we can get, from everyone belonging to the NER as well as from the rest of India. This is one way to take northeast on a high roll and to open our doors to newer opportunities and possibilities. so as we embark on this journey with so much gusto, we invite everyone to tag along and be a part of this initiative.

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