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Haldi ki chai or haldi wala doodh is an age old recipe that has been passed down through the ages in all of India. This recipe has no takers and is a universal one. When we were children, we often saw this recipe being made in the kitchen as we sat on the kitchen slab watching our mothers carefully curate this recipe in front of us. This is a very wholesome drink.

The quintessential “haldi ka doodh”: an Indian recipe for all  

I still remember as a child, we would beg for our mother to let us go to the ground to play with our friends. But she would be hesitant to say yes because letting us go would 50 per cent of the times mean that we would come back with wounds all over our knees and arms and sometimes the face. But then understanding that it is our age to fall get wounded and still play in the fields, she’d say yes and before we ran towards freedom of sorts, she’d remind us “ don’t you dare come back with a wound or you’d have to drink the Turmeric milk (haldi ka doodh) that I’ll make for you before you sleep. We were actually terrified of drinking that turmeric milk that felt really alien in terms of taste, which is why we would play carefully. But wound or not, we were made to drink a tall glass of turmeric milk even if we were recovering from an illness and if our physical health was a tad bit week.

But it was not just us…. Even our father was made to drink the Haldi ka doodh or haldi wali chai (turmeric tea) at times. But different from us, our father actually asked our mother to make this haldi ka chai out of his own interest to drink that tonight. From all our observation, we could make out that our dad asked for a cup of turmeric tea only on days that he’d come back really exhausted or tired from work. It was particularly on days when we were completing the construction of our house that father had to oversee that he would drink a tall glass of Turmeric milk or turmeric tea before he went to sleep or after the end of his work.

Why is turmeric so much a part of our lives?

And now that I understand, all this is because turmeric tea gives you strength to do physical work, a sense of freshness, the power to heal tensed muscles and to relax your senses with the warmth it creates from the within. Turmeric is a very quintessential Indian spice not just for culinary purposes but for medicinal practices as well. It has been used throughout history and will be used in the near future as well.

Let us explore all the researched and proven studies and claims surrounding the use of turmeric:

There is a certain compound in turmeric that possesses all its medicinal properties. This compound is called curcumin. It is the curcumin compound in Turmeric that decides the value of the turmeric in the market. An average turmeric from an average region in India, can possesses up to 3.5 per cent curcumin content which is the kind of turmeric that is made largely available to us in the markets. But there is a special kind of turmeric that grows only in the North East India that has up to 9 per cent curcumin content and values at the most expensive turmeric in the world. This turmeric is mainly sourced from the state of Meghalaya in India and is called the Lakadong Turmeric. This turmeric has been a subject of study for many medical researches as well.

  1. Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound


So the process of inflammation is an important one only if it is an acute short-termed inflammation. It is beneficial because this process helps repairing the body from the inside and also combats foreign invaders. But if this inflammation becomes chronic or prolonged, it instantly becomes a cause of concern because this inflammation can start to attack your body’s tissues. The curcumin in turmeric when consumed become one really effective bioactive substance that can combat chronic inflammation.

  1. Turmeric is packed with anti-oxidants

The damage caused by oxidation is one of the main reasons behind ageing and many other diseases that involve cell damage. This cell damage generally occurs due to the content of free radicals in the body. These free radicals intermingle with organic matter in the body such as the fatty acids, DNA or proteins and then start to damage the cells that cause many severe ailments. The curcumin content in the turmeric is full of anti-oxidants that help in fighting the free radicals and neutralizing them is that they can no longer damage cells.

  1. Curcumin is effective in lowering risks on the heart and other diseases.

Heart diseases are a topic of concern all over the world. Especially with the number of obese people constantly increasing in the world, it is a very grave issue that creates fear in the minds of many. It is proven in a study that diseases related to the heart are the number one cause of deaths all over the world.

The main benefit of curcumin in this case is that curcumin is effective in improving the function of the endothelium that is the lining of one’s blood vessel.  This basically goes on to say that that not only does curcumin have beneficial effects on the heart, but is also full of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants that help keep the heart in a good health.

4. Curcumin supplements help ease the pain for arthritis patients:

Arthritis is a critical issue amongst the older populous of the world. This ailment involves inflammation of the joints and severe pain. Where there are different kind s of arthritis in the world, curcumin is effective for most of the. Knowing that Turmeric has curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory compound, the utilisation of curcumin in the form of application or consumption may help with the easing of the pain in arthritis patients.

About One Organic and its wonderful product

A wonderful company from the North eastern state of Mizoram in India is a top producer of top quality Turmeric tea for those who are looking to medicate themselves deliciously.

One Organic Partnership is a firm that deals in marketing, processing and production of all kinds of organic and natural produce from Mizoram. It is promoted by Angel Business Promoters of Mizoram and is incubated by Mizoram University Incubation Centre. It is the only private firm that deals with the produce under Mission Organic Value Chain Development of North East Region (MOVCD-NER) Scheme in Mizoram.

The One Organic Turmeric tea for inflammation works wonders. A little bit of ginger and turmeric tea is what gives you a sound sleep at night and the benefits of Turmeric ginger tea are plenty. Turmeric tea benefits for the skin include reduced, redness, itchiness and inflammation and turmeric tea also aids weight loss. Turmeric tea is a unique recipe created by One Organic Partnership to be used as a healthy drink option. It is made from a combination of organic turmeric powder, organic cinnamon powder and organic black pepper produce in Mizoram. Black pepper and cinnamon enhance the effects of curcumin (present in turmeric) in the body.

If you want to purchase good quality turmeric tea from one organic, head to the website and buy a packet for yourself or your loved ones right now and gift them a blessing in disguise!

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