Dalli’s Dalle with Bamboo Shoot- 250g

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Dalle with Bamboo Shoot: This is a local favourite and you need an ‘acquired palate’ to enjoy this delicacy. The pungency of both the Dalle and Bamboo shoot work magic in this mix and enhances each other’s flavour to the fullest. It might just be the best combo in the world after peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, fries and coke, get the drift?

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Dalli’s Dalle are a company from Darjeeling, that primarily works with locally grown cherry pepper also known as “dallae” In the vernacular, in organic farms in small batches that makes it easy to tend to . Each plant receives optimum care and attention to produce some of the regions most flavourful and healthy ‘Dalles’. The pickles and other products that they then manufacture after harvesting these super tasty and spicy Dallaes are a kind of their own. Order Dalli’s Dalle with Bamboo Shoot

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