Korangani Green Tea Super Fine Grade- 250g

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Green Tea Super Fine Grade: We at Korangani Tea offer you the premium Mogra Superfine grade of Green Tea.
For those curious if black and green tea is made from the same plant- yes, they are. They are made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It’s the process which is a little different. The plucked leaves are steamed so that the all enzyme activity in the leaf is stopped before it is processed. This process is critical for the liquor of the eventual Made tea to stay green.

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The Korangani tea estate is one of the best known tea estates of the state of Assam. It is understood that with the blue hills, the one horned rhinoceros and the gushing waters of the River Brahmaputra the only thing missing in the picture is Tea. From the Korangani tea estate one opens their option of premium tea leaves that are processed and made into different flavored teas. be it the gutty flavors of the CTC or the spicy masala teas or the sublime flavors of the Korangani white needles, every sip from the Korangani tea cup welcomes you to the freshness of Assam. The company has over 90 years+ experience in producing the finest quality of tea. And they believe that “where there is tea, there is hope”.  Buy Korangani Green Tea Online

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