Manipur Times Shopping Poirei King Chilli & Ngari Pickles- 250g

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The King Chilli and Ngari pickles from Poirei are a best seller. The King Chilli and Ngari pickle tastes like the ones mother made at home and is prepared with a lot of care and affection. A blend of fresh herbs spices and condiments are infused in the process of making the King Chili and Ngari Pickles. The mothers who make these pickles know that there are children who love eating pickles in their meal time and hence a lot of thought is put into preparing these pickles.

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Hailing from Kyamgei Khoirom Leikai, Manipur, Kiranbala has been able to be self-dependent and provide employment to about 20 women through her Poirei Foods, which deals in the manufacture and sale of pickle items made offish, chicken, bamboo shoot, mushroom, garlic, mango, lemon, mixed fruit, Heining, pineapple, sour apple, gooseberry, plum, sour apple salty, olive, Heimang, Ngari (fermented fish), Hawaijar, U-Morok (big chilly), green chilly, beef and pork and  candy items made of Heitup, Heining, Heikru Athumba, Heikru Akangba, sweet mango and Mange Bonare etc.

Manipur times Shopping also promotes & distrubutes Poirei Foods products. Manipurtimes is a company that is working to help fellow artisans, self-employers and start up entrepreneurs of Manipur to help them overcome problems of limited movement and quality control that is widely faced in such regions. They work with the #makeinmanipur to help products of their region get a wider reach. The products are made with much care and love and they hope that their customers can see through the efforts that they put into making them.

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1 review for Manipur Times Shopping Poirei King Chilli & Ngari Pickles- 250g

    May 9, 2022
    Really good product. Thumbs up for this!
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