na Kper: Homegardens’ Harvest Lakadong Turmeric- 200g


na Kper: Homegardens’ Harvest brings you the world’s best variety of Turmeric (Lakadong variety) straight from the soils of Shangpung in West Jaiñtia Hills of Meghalaya. Our Lakadong Turmeric has been harvested using age-old farming techniques, devoid of the harmful chemicals and fertilizers otherwise found in conventional turmeric packages. What makes our Lakadong Turmeric even more special is the fact that its curcumin content is as high as 8.3 % (Certified by SGS, India), making its quality a cut above the rest.

Incorporating Turmeric in your daily diet can help fight diabetes, cures acne, keeps viral infection at bay, prevent cancer besides tonnes of other health benefits.  

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Out of the bountiful agrodiversity of the state of Meghalaya comes na Kper: Homegardens’ Harvest. na Kper which when translated means ‘from the garden’, assures you that our merchandise are harvested and produced in homegardens and traditional paddy fields, using indigenous and sustainable farming methods. Our crops are grown free from pesticides, genetic alteration and synthetic manures, with no added colours or chemicals, bringing to your home only the finest produce so that you and your family get the ‘true taste of nature’

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