Recipes using burnt Bhut Jolokia: world’s third hottest chilly

Bhut jolokia is the renowned chilly from North Eastern state of Nagaland in India. This chilli stands in the third position amongst the hottest chillies in the world. With a scoville heat unit of 1000000 SHU and above, the Bhut jolokia is packed with a high level of Anti-oxidant and a lot of other nutrients that can make or break your health.  For example, the chilli has been used as medicine to treat pains and joint aches but we have also heard of people getting a severe stomach ache because they have consumed one too many chillies in a single sitting.

Bhut Jolokia in the North East

In the North East of India, this chilli grows in almost all the states but the GI Tag for the chilli was received in the state of Nagaland. This goes on to say that the Bhut Jolokia or Naga morich is the hottest and the most authentic when it comes from the state of Nagaland. Did you know that the ghost pepper is also used as a key ingredient in making the lethal tear gas that is used to disperse crowds and protests? That is some scary stuff.

People who eat Bhut Jolokia like it was cotton candy

What is more scary is that where people cannot even completely consume a single piece of Ghost pepper, there are people in India who can consume up to 50-60 chillies in a very short time. A woman by the name of Anondita Dutta Tamuly is one such spectacle. In a video of her eating these chillies; she started by rubbing the seeds of the chilli (which is completely bonkers if you ask me) INTO HER EYES! Later she started gobbling the chilli one by one like it was cotton candy and managed to eat around 52 Bhut Jolokias UNDER 2 MINUTES (insert mind blown emoji).  Watching that video you may feel like eh! Bhut jolokia is not a big deal after all; well we dare you, maybe double dare you to complete eating just two fully grown and ripe pieces of Bhut jolokia and then we shall speak (if you are left in a state of speaking that is).

Different ways to use the chilli

dehydrated Bhut Jolokia

The chilli can be used in many different ways. In the north east, we make pickles out of freshly plucked bhut jolokia by adding a few ingredients and that instantly increases the shelf life of the chillies. Otherwise we cook the chilly with meat to make a mean meat pickle that is packed with a punch (or we simply consume it right then and there if it is too tasty and not leave it to pickle). But one of the best ways to eat this chilly which is completely debatable yet brings out the most flavors in the chilli is by burning it or smoking the chilli and then using it as an ingredient.

The superiority of flavour with burnt bhut jolokia

There is a certain satisfaction of flavour when you burn/ grill or smoke any kind of chilly. First and foremost the aroma is absolutely mesmerising and mouth-watering, second the taste of smoke and burnt skin goes so well with the really hot and a hint of sweet in the chilli. The texture does not remain crunchy after burning a chilli and rather becomes more like a sautéed vegetable, but the flavours and juices simply ooze out and mingle with the other juices of other ingredients and just the thought of this has started to make my mouth water. So without ado let me introduce 2 amazing recipes to try with burnt bhut jolokia chilli.

  1. Burnt Bhut Jolokia Salsa:

This recipe is amazing if you are bringing friends over for a chill session and you need something crunchy for your chips and dips (also if your friends have a great tolerance to spice of this level). You can even eat this as a salad, or with plain rice, everyway of eating this salsa is the right way.


  • Burnt king chillies 2 pieces (burn the chillies over an open flame till the skin turns black). Try and peel the burnt skin if you can, if you cannot take the whole thing off, that’s just fine. Now slowly dice the chilli into minute cubes for the salsa.
  • One whole tomato (make sure it’s ripe and super red) diced into minute cubes.
  • One red onion diced into small cubes
  • One cucumber diced into small cubes
  • Cilantro heads roughly chopped
  • Two table spoons lemon juice
  • Salt to taste
  • Olive oil two table spoons


  • The way to make this salsa is super easy. In a large bowl add the cucumber, tomato, and onion and bhut jolokia.
  • Now add the salt and lemon juice and cilantro to the mix and stir it really well so that the salad is well mixed.
  • Now add the olive oil on top of this and voila your juicy yummy salsa is ready to be eaten with almost anything. Use your potato chips like a spoon for this one. If you feel the heat is not enough for your taste just burn another chilli and add it to the mix (we understand how some people just can’t get enough of chilli heat).
  1. Bhut Jolokia Datshi

The original name of the dish is Ema Datshi and this is the national dish of the tiny country Bhutan. This really hearty dish is a favourite not only amongst the Bhutanese population but also for tourists, and surrounding regions in the north east and Nepal. The meaning of Ema Datshi completely translates to Chillies and cheese. And hence today we will be using the Bhut Jolokia chilli to prepare this dish along with the Regional Churrpi (yak cheese crumbly version).


  • 4 burnt Bhut jolokia peppers slit in the middle.
  • One whole red onion thinly sliced
  • 6-7 cloves of large garlic roughly smashed.
  • Half a red ripe tomato diced into small cubes.
  • 100 grams of crumbly white churrpi or processed cheese 100 gms but grated.
  • Two table spoons of butte
  • Two table spoons of vegetable oil
  • Salt to taste and a bowl of boiling water.


  • In a pan, add the oil and the butter and let that heat up.
  • Now add the onions, tomatoes and garlic into the pan and let that cook just so that the vegetables have softened a little.
  • Now add the churrpi and give that a mix keep stirring the mix after adding the churrpi or the churrpi will start to burn.
  • After the churrpi softens, add the bhut jolokia, salt and boiling water to the mix and let that boil for a while so that the soup becomes a gravy or slightly thick.
  • Now add the grated cheese and the butter and cilantro and give that a mix so that the cheese completely melts into the gravy.
  • Voila! your Bhut Jolokia Datshi is ready to be served with phaley (Tibetan bread or any sort of thick bread including a naan). Enjoy!

Try our amazing bhut jolokia recipes and let us know how you like them! Also you can simply purchase our smoked bhut jolokia sauce for instant use at times when time is all that you do not have.

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