Roots Agro: a select range of innovative Naga Foods

Nagaland is home to some of the most iconic flavors in the entire north east. This is also because they are known to grow some of the richest, nutritious, organic and quality ingredients that go into their cooking. The wholesome feeling that comes from look at a kitchen table full of plump and fresh garden vegetables, fruits and herbs is similar to how you feel when you taste the food cooked in these kitchens. One just knows when they bite into a fresh juicy red tomato that it is indeed organic and so full of life-giving minerals, doesn’t one? That is exactly what root agro is all about.

The company is based out of Nagaland and has a select range of products that are without an ounce of doubt the best foods that are sourced from the freshest ingredients from the local farms in the state. The quality of these foods, might we say, is undeniable and unquestionable and so versatile.

  1. Passion Fruit Hot Sauce

Ever had passion fruit? Well we know it is sweet it is tangy; it is exotic and just a pure sweet joy to break open and eat. Imagine that and now add the pure concentrated heat of the Naga Mircha or the king chili added into the quotient; and there you have it! A super delicious hot sauce made from the most exotic fruit that is rare to find. That is innovation in food, this is what defines progress when it comes to food, flavor profiles and a wholesome feeling you get when you think of food. It is products like these that take the game ahead. This product along with a selection of some more products is what Roots Agro has worked on, taking the game ahead, innovatively.

  1. Esto Pesto Sauce

The Esto pesto sauce is a pesto mix sauce they created for pastas and pizza. The Esto pesto sauce literally translates to “like this pesto”. They make this by handpicking the ripest, reddest and the juiciest tomatoes, some freshly plucked basil leaves and some extra virgin olive oil which is also sourced locally to save you all that time in making that fragrant pesto sauce for your pasta. All you have to do is add your pre-cooked pasta to the sauce and your pasta is ready to be gorged on.


  1. Piquant Shrimp Sauce


Their piquant shrimp sauce is another marvel. It is laden with an umami flavor that roots from their memories of eating umami laden foods all their lives. The sauce is a brain child and we are quite thankful for this innovation. The shrimp sauce is spicy with a heat metre of two flames and made from ingredients such as smoked red chili, shrimp, fish, vinegar, vegetables and some really exotic seasonings. It complements the flavors in any dish and can be eaten as topping; dips, used in stir frying noodles or rice, and even like an achaar with plain rotis or chapattis to add the oomph!

  1. Crunchy Nutty Sauce (bestseller)

The crunchy nutty sauce is a bestseller this is because they claim that no one can stop eating it and we at NE Origins are pretty convinced about this claim. The sauce is inspired by the uber delicious Thai Som Tam which gives you that satisfaction that should come from eating a good sauce that is made from ingredients that are usually a comfort food on their own. The sauce is made from some pretty great ingredient combinations that work really well with each other and complement each other. The being, peanuts, sesame, chili, garlic, sesame oil and some seasonings that add that contrasting flavor profiles upon consumption. You can add this to stir-fry noodles, rice, vegetables or soup or practically anything that may require a touch of joy and personality to it.

  1. Mountain Pepper Sauce

The mountain pepper sauce is another quality product that is produced by the company. The mountain pepper is a monsoon guest who comes bearing really amazing flavors to the monsoon foods. The mountain pepper comes from the deep lush forests of both Nagaland as well as Manipur and it resembles the freshness and vibrancy that monsoon brings to the hills. It is not too hot in the heat meter and claims only one flame which goes on to say that you can enjoy a good amount of this mouth-watering goodness without having to consume just a tiny quantity for the fear of upsetting your stomach. The sauce is made from mountain peppers, dry chili, vegetable oil, vinegar, and some local seasonings and herbs that just add so many dimensions to the product. It can be consumed with a rice dish as chutney, as dips with chips, as salad dressing and as masala to add into your stir fried rice or noodles.

  1. Blazing Hot Pickle

The blazing hot pickle is pretty much self-explanatory with the “blazing hot” used to describe it. The product obviously uses the Naga Mircha as the main ingredient that adds the heat to the “blazing hot”. The hottest and ripest Naga Mircha that is the “ghost pepper” and also a first cousin to the world famous Bhut Jolokia world’s 8th most hottest pickle. The Naga Mircha used in this pickle is sourced from the Peren District in Nagaland where the soil, humidity and altitude are nothing but a chili heaven. Not just the Naga Mircha, the GI Tagged Lakadong Turmeric that has the most Curcumin content in the entire world is added to season and add depth to the flavor of the pickle. The pickle has a whopping 5 flames in the heat meter which is to say that one must eat cautiously while consuming this pickle and not consume too many. The pickle is made using the Naga Mircha, Indian spices, mustard oil, Lakadong turmeric and other seasonings. It is best consumed with steamed rice, plain rotis, soups, lentils and basically anything that requires some heat.

  1. Hot Bamboo Shoot Pickle

The Hot Bamboo shoot pickle is a mandatory boomer. Bamboo shoot is a staple in every north eastern state and is cooked as a vegetable, but the most preferred way to consume it is by making it into a pickle with hot chilies. When in north east, you will come across this pickle one way or the other. Even when people from the north east leave their state, it is mandatory they carry a jar of bamboo shoot pickle, because it shouts homely flavors. The hot bamboo shoot pickle is made using bamboo shoots, Naga Mircha, mustard oil, Indian spices and other seasoning that make it the best companion to steaming rice.

  1. Naga Mircha Hot Sauce:

The Naga Mircha hot sauce is the original product that can pose competition to the Mexican hot sauce. The Naga Mircha is protected by the GI Tag which means that the Naga Mircha that is growing in Nagaland is as OG as it gets. The chili is a cousin to the world famous Bhut Jolokia which means that the heat is undeniable. The heat meter rates it four flames and it is made from Naga Mircha, vinegar and other seasonings. It can be added to any and every dish that needs a good dose of heat and some seasoning.

Roots agro holds strong belief in the power and emotions that food holds in the lives of people. They strongly stand by the expression of food being the purest way to portray love and oneness. It is, as they say a call to celebrate, to share love, to share belonging, to revel in kinship and a community feeling without having to say a word. They revere food as the story teller of old times and of memories gone by, of the soil, the fertile river that carries it and the mountains that source all this nutritious goodness to the foods that grow in our lands; food moves the people to protect it.

like every establishment has a language a purpose to guide them, they use the language of food to guide theirs which goes on to tell that every product of food that comes out of the company, is made with a lot of thought and mind that goes into their process. Following a fair and sustainable way to guide their mission, they make sure they source only the best, handpicked ingredients and raw materials mostly locally from the farmers and only if necessary do they look elsewhere to source any remains.

They aim to make sure that their love for food is resonated within their value chain limiting not just to their patrons and customers, but even within their team itself, and their farmers along with the vendors who work with the company.

The company finally invites everyone to share the tastes of the forest, stories of the past, cultures and maybe just the plain delicious foods that is made with love to grow a stronger relationship and the feeling of community with a range of their healthy, nutritional and versatile food products which are simply delicious.

Do visit the NE Origins website to select from the range of foods by Roots Agro.

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